What sewing machine to use when dealing with thick fabrics?

When first starting sewing as a hobby most people purchase a simple sewing machine that has only all the basic functions. And that’s normal, after all, a sewing machine is an investment so you shouldn’t buy one lightly.

But if you have been sewing for a while then you probably noticed that sometimes a simple sewing machine isn’t enough. For bigger projects, a heavy duty sewing machine is a necessity.

What are heavy duty sewing machines used for?

Simply explained, heavy duty sewing machines have an easier time sewing thick fabrics, such as leather or denim, than regular sewing machines. If you plan on sewing jeans or changing the upholstery on your armchairs, a heavy duty machine is a must. They can sew together multiple layers of fabric which means they can even be used to sew quilts. Most heavy duty machines can be used to do monograms or they can even sew leather seats for your car. They are a much more versatile sewing machine.

What are heavy duty sewing machines like?

Heavy duty sewing machines are also made to be more durable and sturdy than regular ones. The machine itself is usually constructed from metal rather than plastics. The engine is more powerful because it has to be able to go through thick fabrics with no hitch. Heavy duty sewing machines stitch at higher speed with some of them even going as high as over 1000 stitches per minute. These stitches are of high quality and very durable.

Of course, you will still need to use correct needles for your fabrics. You will probably have to purchase some thicker needles than the ones you are used to using. As always, the thicker the fabric, the thicker the needle. Always test the needle on a small piece of fabric you are going to be using to see if it can handle it. Even if your heavy duty machine will not break, the needle still might.

Working on a heavy duty sewing machine takes some time to get used to because they are on a completely different level than regular small machines. Because they are more sturdy, they require less maintenance and will last you much longer than your first sewing machine. They are made for heavy duty projects so the engine will be able to keep up even if your sewing session runs for hours.


If you plan on undertaking a power-consuming project, it is better to go with a heavy duty machine. By using a regular sewing machine, you risk breaking the needles or even damaging your machine completely. A heavy duty machine is a great investment if you are serious about sewing or want to do it professionally. If you aren’t sure which one is the right for you check out these machines for heavy duty sewing. You won’t regret purchasing one. Working on a heavy duty machine will be effortless compared to your old sewing machine.