Swimming Related Gifts for Boyfriend

Today I am going to list the best gifts for your swim loving boyfriend. The gifts go on from swim goggles all the way to waterproof mp3 players – These gifts don’t necessarily have to be for your boyfriend, these also work for you brother, father, friend, or cousin.

The first gift idea are the “Agent swim goggles”. I am recommending these goggles for a number of reasons. First of all these goggles don’t fog up nor do they leak. They are easy to get because they are available on amazon. They are stylish, comfortable, and contain uv protection.
The next gift idea is the “MP3 waterproof swimming player”. This inexpensive MP3 cost $50 on amazon and can download up to 2000 songs. They can go till 3M in depth which is more than enough for a swimming pool. They are stylish and resist up to 60 degrees Celsius which will be ok in a spa or a sauna.
The third gift idea for your swim loving boyfriend are any professional swimming trunks. These are the best type of swimming trunks because they don’t get into the way of swimming and dry in seconds. I won’t list a specific swimming trunk because there are a bunch out there.
The fourth gift idea are silicon swimming caps. These help keep your boyfriends hair dry and are comfortable depending on what size and brand you buy. I would recommend speedo ones because they have good reviews.
Next gift is the “Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag”. These help store all the swimming needs and help dry them when leaving with it’s open weave design. These have shoulder straps for backpack carry. They also come in various different colors. So you can pick your own color.
You can also buy your boyfriend a towel. Now you can buy him a funny one or just a plain one. Which ever you think is right for you boyfriend.
You can also add earplugs and nose clips to the list because as simple as they seem, they will be very useful and your boyfriend will definitely appreciate them.
Now this gift is just another option. You can buy your boyfriend some swimming feet fins. These are definitely nice for swimming pools and for the sea. These will train his calves and leg swimming technique. So definitely not a bad choice to add to the list. Please note that you have to pick a specific shoe size because one size does not fit all.
Now one of the more expensive gifts is a snorkeling kit. These can cost a minimum of $150 and up to $2000. Although these are expensive, if you and your boyfriend like to go to the ocean they will definitely come in handy and are a fun experience to have and cherish with your loved one. These come with large goggles not meant for a swimming pools, breathing tube, leg fins, sometimes even arm fins. And if you are willing to spend a pretty penny maybe even a full oxygen tank and a surf suit.